Your online accountability system

An essential companion app to your U.P. gym, online or virtual personal training, the U.P. app allows you to track your progress and your trainer to have every vital piece of information to hand to plan, monitor and deliver you the best result and return on your investment.

How it works:

Daily Dairy

Record meals, calories, macros, weight, steps, sleep, water intake and supplement use.


Quickly add your meals via barcode, manual input of from 70,000+ verified foods.

Optionally track additional help metrics like Blood Pressure and Heart Rate.


Easily track your progress every step of the way. At the same time, the U.P. app grants access to vital information that your trainer can use to plan, monitor and adapt your training to meet your goals.

Message your trainer

Communicate directly with your trainer, from inside the app.

Report Issues

Easily track and notify your trainer about hunger, cravings, energy and more.

Having Issues?

If you are struggling to use the app or having any questions, please let us know.

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